ADI Design Index 2019

We’re glad to announce that La Terra secondo Matteo concieved by our Art Director Marialaura Rossiello | Studio Irvine is part of ADI Design Index 2019 selected for ADI Compasso d'Oro Award 2020. The ADI Design Index exhibtion will be shown at the Museo della Scienza e della Tecnologia Leonardo da Vinci in Milan; open to the public from 15.10 to 20.10.


For Matteo Brioni earth is the experience of four generations. The raw earth of Matteo Brioni comes from a careful selection of clays and aggregates from different regions, mixed to obtain the best suited chromatic, tactile and functional qualities for each kind of use in construction and architecture. Read more...

Interior Design


Raw earth is a material that lived in contact with men for centuries. So it’s perfect for living and working interiors, improving the inner microclimate and adapting naturally to the surfaces, just like a second skin.

Construction and Restoration


Clay products are suitable for both new constructions and restoration or renovation of existing environments, being compatible with any type of pre-existing material.

Services and Assistance


Matteo Brioni employs a team of experts: trained and certified applicators ensure the best performance of the product and allow the experimentation of countless solutions involving a strong artistic component.

The raw earth lives with the man always:

an anallergic and versatile timeless material.

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Experience in clay at 360º


Over the years Matteo Brioni has acquired a significant know-how, which has led the company to establish partnerships with major players in complementary sectors. Matteo Brioni offers its expertise in clay at 360 ° - from feasibility studies to design and installation.


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