Journey: discover the origin of Matteo’s clay colors

Matteo Brioni’s clay colors derive from the specific quarry soil extraction site and not from added natural or synthetic pigments. The lamellar structure of clay contributes to create surfaces characterized by the vibrance of the color: Matteo Brioni earthen finishes colors will never appear flat and saturated and because clay colors depend on territories and they express all the qualities of their land of origin, our colors are deep, marrying well with each other and with other materials.

Matteo Brioni’s color palette is composed by 14 different natural colors: Cacao, Caffè (coffee), Cammeo (cameo), Cannella (cinnamon), Cipria (powder), Fango (mud), Melograno (pomegranate), Panna (cream), Pepe Nero (black pepper), Polvere (dust), Sale Grigio (gray salt), Senape (mustard), Vinaccia (light wine), Zenzero (light ginger) and…. Custom: here’s where you decide how to mix our natural clays.

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