Matteo Brioni

Earth for four generations

“The earth is part of everyone’s past. however, mine in particular. growing up in gonzaga, among the history, the fields and clay quarries can have a strong impact on your choices, especially if you spend your days around an 18th century industrial building that closely resembles a farm.”

Matteo Brioni was founded in 2010, with close to 100 years of experience providing service to quality architecture. For Matteo Brioni experience with earth has accumulated over four generations, born in a furnace within the fields of Gonzaga, owned by the Brioni family since 1922.

The work of Matteo Brioni instinctively blends three essential human values:
ETHICS, consciousness and awareness of what is produced.
BEAUTY, the natural beauty of the material, producing a variety of colors and textures.
ECOLOGY, respect for the environment throughout the entire production process, application, and product life. High performance with low environmental impact. For Matteo Brioni respecting the matter, is respecting the land. Promoting it’s use and defending it’s naturalness contribute to harmoniously balance the competing demands of the environment, the people and the market.

The company’s daily challenge is to go beyond the limits of the matter, through continuos research and experimentation on the use of earth in architecture and design, in collaboration with engineers and designers enthusiasts.

Transfer the earth’s sensation of natural wellness and abundance of sensory stimulation to the spaces designed by man.

Create three-dimensional surfaces bringing a new perspectives of living

“I discovered, like many designers, earth, was not only a “sustainable” and “healthy” material, but also sensual and “naturally” beauty, pleasant to the touch and sinuously adaptable to any surface.”

Since 1920, my family has owned a furnace and has always produced bricks. The passion towards “form” and the vocation to “building” were born in direct contact with the extraordinary matter that is the earth, and are expressed in both my architectural studies and my job in the family business, Fornace Brioni. I began to merge my jobs and my passions.

I discovered, like many designers, earth, was not only a “sustainable” and “healthy” material, but also sensual and “naturally” beauty, pleasant to the touch and sinuously adaptable to any surface. The earth seemed to possess a sort of natural “equilibrium”: a very strong character combined with extreme docility. It may be mixed and applied with extreme agility and in a short time, satisfying even “temptations of self-construction”.

In the meantime I began to devote myself exclusively to earth products, making them my main business. What follows is their story, never complete.

I hope you will find the beauty, the abundance of sensory stimulation, the emotion and sense of “timeless” well-being of the products presented and find what is indeed needed for your homes and spaces. If you do not find what you need, please contact me anyway: it doesn’t mean we can’t work together.


Since 2012, Marialaura Rossiello Irvine has contributed to making Matteo Brioni the reference brand in its sector. It carries out brand repositioning and brand development, coordinates customized projects, including exhibition setups, product design and much more.

Marialaura Rossiello directs the Studio Irvine; a design studio based in Milan. Work with clients such as Muji, Offecct, Amorim, Phaidon, Discipline and others. The transversal nature of the projects of the thirty-year history of Studio Irvine shows the continuous tension and curiosity for all types and scale of the project: from the design of a chair to the design of a swimming pool, from the definition of a brand identity to the artistic direction of a design company.