Apartment in Verona

Matteo Brioni's fine-grained clay plaster TerraVista Smooth Panna applied on walls in a private Apartment in Verona, project by Emanuele Soldi

About the project

Private apartment in Verona, project by Emanuele Soldi.

Matteo Brioni’s artistic clay plaster TerraEvoca 2 Layers Cipria (powder) color applied on bedroom walls.

Fine-grained clay finishing plaster TerraVista Smooth Panna (cream) color applied on walls.

Mineral finishing plaster TerraTon Wall Smooth Sale Grigio (gray salt) color applied on bathroom walls.

Mineral coating TerraTon Floor Pepe Nero (balck pepper) color applied on floors.

Photos by Emanuele Soldi and Linda Antonietti

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