Clay and lime tadelakt plaster for Terra Al Qana restaurant in Abu Dhabi

Clay and lime finishing plaster TerraCalix Smooth custom color (Deep Maroon), inspired by Moroccan tadelakt, for Terra Al Qana restaurant in Abu Dhabi

Clay and lime tadelakt finishing plaster TerraCalix Smooth custom color (Deep Maroon) for Terra Al Qana restaurant in Abu Dhabi. Project by Bone Studio

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Terra’s new location in Al Qana, Abu Dhabi, seamlessly translates the distinct architecture of the Terra brand while embracing the standards of the local residents and community.

The intention was to establish a strong connection between the kitchen and guests, challenging the restaurant’s conventional layout.  The triangular layout of the site presented unique challenges, leading to multiple iterations of the space’s design before arriving at a solution that runs parallel to one of the three sides. This arrangement allowed for an original arrangement of voids and solids that harmoniously blend the dining space with the kitchen.
Lush greenery is scattered throughout, providing a place of refuge away from the surrounding stores and streets.

A rich reddish-brown palette, textured on MATTEOBRIONI’s TerraCalix Smooth lime and raw clay finishing plaster (inspired by Moroccan tadelakt), incorporates materials such as scratched glazed tiles, patinated metal panels and date seed panels and defines Terra’s identity and character.

To complement the bold color, translucent raw fiberglass panels clad the existing columns. Fiberglass was also used as the material for the custom chandelier that hangs from one of the corners of the space.
The lighting strategy by Fabraca Studios responds to the architectural forms and animates a dramatic night experience. Bespoke light fixtures feature a consistent design element repeated throughout the space, showcasing different mounting details. This cohesive lighting design enhances the overall atmosphere and accentuates the architectural features present in the space.
Project by Bone Studio
Lighting: Fabraca Studios
Metal: Metal Fabrik
Glazed Tiles: Tajimi
Furniture: Gervasoni And Internoitaliano

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