Clay finishes for Capri’s Faraone Mennella Jewelry Store

Fine-grained clay reinforced finishing plaster TerraVista Plus Smooth bespoke colour applied to walls and clay paint TerraSilk Structured Panna colour applied to wall and ceilings

TerraSilk Structured Panna colour applied to wall and ceilings of Capri’s Faraone Mennella Jewelry Store. Project by Studio Irvine Photography: Natalia Garcia

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Renovation of Faraone Mennella Jewelry Store in Capri: The Role of MATTEOBRIONI and Studio Irvine

In the enchanting setting of Capri, the Faraone Mennella jewelry store opens a new chapter with the recent renovation of its historic shop. This project pays homage to the legacy of founders Roberto Faraone Mennella and Amedeo Scognamiglio, while also embracing the brand’s future vision, especially after Faraone Mennella’s passing in 2020.
The renovation was led by Marialaura Rossiello from Studio Irvine, whose close personal and professional relationship with Scognamiglio ensured a respectful and mindful approach to change. The collaboration with MATTEOBRIONI, chosen for its high-quality clay finishes, reflects a commitment to natural and sustainable materials, enhancing the shop’s aesthetic and environmental comfort.
The work of MATTEOBRIONI and Studio Irvine has transformed the space into a blend of art and design, where the natural beauty of the clay finishes creates a unique backdrop for the exclusive jewelry creations. This choice not only mirrors the connection with tradition and nature but also a commitment to understated elegance and sustainability.
This renovation symbolizes a renewed continuity for Faraone Mennella, with MATTEOBRIONI and Studio Irvine at the heart of a vision that weaves respect for the past with innovative openings towards the future. Our participation highlights the reliability and quality of our products, confirming us as a reference partner for the luxury sector.
Photography: Natalia Garcia

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