Clay finishes for Penthouse loft Holzrausch Edition Van B in Munich

Artistic clay finish plaster TerraEvoca 2 Levels applied on walls and TerraSilk Smooth raw earth paint as a coating for the ceilings, both in bespoke colour based on our classic Cacao

Clay finishes for the Edition Van B penthouse loft in Munich, designed by Holzrausch. Artistic clay finish plaster TerraEvoca 2 Levels applied on walls and TerraSilk Smooth raw earth paint as a coating for the ceilings, both in bespoke colour. Photography: Oliver Jaist

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MATTEOBRIONI’s clay finishes for “New Perspectives: Van B Editions” project

In the heart of Munich, the “Van B” project, promoted by Bauwerk and AD Germany, stands out as an emblem of innovation and luxury in the real estate sector. This ambitious initiative involved ten German design studios, selected to transform each penthouse of the building, conceived by the visionary architect Ben van Berkel, co-founder of UNStudio, into a unique living space. Among these, the Holzrausch studio distinguished itself by creating extraordinary interiors in one of the lofts, using products supplied by MATTEOBRIONI for wall and ceiling finishes.
Bauwerk, known for its excellence in the real estate sector, and AD Germany, the prestigious architecture and design magazine, conceived “New Perspectives: Van B Editions by AD & Bauwerk” as an opportunity to rethink luxury living, offering spaces that reflect the needs of an international and sophisticated clientele. This collaboration gave life to a series of living environments that redefine the concept of luxury, highlighting the ability of design studios to interpret and materialize innovative living visions.
Holzrausch, one of the ten selected studios, is known for its ability to create spaces that blend functionality and aesthetics, with an approach that values the quality of materials and craftsmanship. Their work in the “Holzrausch Edition Van B” is an example of how design philosophy can be translated into an environment that reflects the personality and lifestyles of its inhabitants. Using raw earth finishes provided by MATTEOBRIONI, Holzrausch was able to leverage a material that is not only aesthetically pleasing but also offers functional benefits, such as natural humidity regulation and air purification, thus contributing to creating a healthy and welcoming environment.

The long-standing collaboration between Holzrausch and MATTEOBRIONI demonstrates confidence in the added value that MATTEOBRIONI products bring to interior design projects. The raw earth finishes stand out not only for their ecological and health properties but also for their ability to add depth and character to spaces, integrating perfectly with Holzrausch’s clean design and contemporary lines.

In conclusion, the “Van B” project, through the shared vision of Bauwerk, AD Germany, Ben van Berkel of UNStudio, Holzrausch, and MATTEOBRIONI, represents a milestone in luxury residential design. It demonstrates how collaboration among different industry experts can result in living spaces that not only meet the aesthetic and functional needs of residents but also promote well-being and sustainability, setting new standards for contemporary living.
Photography: Oliver Jaist

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