Clay and lime tadelakt plaster for Jacquemus boutique into the London Selfridges

Clay and lime tadelakt plaster TerraCalix applied to walls and shelves and fine-grained mixtures of clays and mineral binders TerraTon Floor applied to floor of Jacquemus boutique into the London Selfridges.

Fine-grained mixtures of clays and mineral binders TerraTon Floor and TerraTon Plus Wall both Smooth and with the same bespoke color applied to floor, walls and shelves of Jaquemus boutique into the London Selfridges. Project by AMO-OMA. Photo by Lewis Ronald

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Designed by AMO, the research and design division of acclaimed architecture firm OMA (Office for Metropolitan Architecture) founded and directed by Pritzker Prize winner Rem Koolhaas, the Jacquemus boutique has been installed as a permanent retail space on the ground floor of London department store Selfridges.

The boutique incorporates full-height curved display shelves clad with MATTEOBRIONI’s clay and lime-based finishing plaster TerraCalix (product inspired by Moroccan plaster tadelakt ) in bespoke colour tones reminiscent of the local materials of Provence, the brand’s place of origin.
The clay and lime-based finish was applied by hand above all the surfaces of the shop in order to provide a slightly irregular surface and a natural appearance to the entire environment: anyhow in order to ensure greater strength and durability the floor has been covered with the reinforced clay and mineral-based coating TerraTon Floor.

The materiality of the clay visually contrasts with the rigid and solid shapes populated by colourful bags and accessories: floors and walls covered in reinforced raw earth exude warmth, calm and rural charm. Further enlivening this pleasant, contrasting atmosphere is the generous supply of natural light from the shop’s glass openings overlooking Duke Street.
Photography is by Lewis Ronald, Courtesy of Selfridges

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