Clay painting and plastering for the Locanda Remare hotel and restaurant in Cesenatico

Clay Paint TerraSilk Structured Custom color and medium-grained clay finishing plaster TerraVista Structured in various colors applied to the walls of the Locanda Remare hotel and restaurant in Cesenatico

Clay paint TerraSilk Structured Custom color applied to the walls of the Locanda Remare restaurant and hotel in Cesenatico. Project by Francesco Gasperini, photo by Angelo CIccolo

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Situated in the picturesque setting of Cesenatico’s Leonardesque Canal Harbour since 1946, although it was once called Osteria Ponte del Gatto (Cat’s Bridge Tavern), Locanda Remare is now a fish restaurant with rooms on the upper floor, which are rented out as room & breakfast.

Restoration work on the existing building took a considerable amount of time and was the initial idea of owner Giacomo Domeniconi, who graduated as Interior Designer from the IED in Milan. The project was later refined and enriched by architect Francesco Gasperini.
Every element, from the interior design to the catering to the manner of reception, was developed around the idea of ‘informal luxury’, a concept in which our raw earth products fit perfectly: our TerraSIlk clay paint in an off-white bespoke colour with a warm tone was applied to the walls of the restaurant, while in each of the four rooms on the upper floor, a bas-relief wall was created at the head of the bed by applying our TerraVista Structured medium-grain clay finishing plaster in a different colour, which also gives the room its name. Senape (mustard) and Cannella (cinnamon) are the two double rooms that overlook the Canal Harbour; the Fango (mud) shade became the Origano (oregano) room, to maintain the association with the kitchen; Pepe Nero (black pepper), on the other hand, would have had the same name as a famous nightclub in the area, so (despite being one of the owner’s favourite spices) it became Liquorice.

Photos by Angelo Ciccolo

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