Tradition Meets Excellence: Clay Plaster Finishes for Leica’s Milanese Store

Reinforced clay finishing plaster TerraVista Plus Smooth bespoke colour applied to walls.

Reinforced clay finishing plaster TerraVista Plus Smooth bespoke colour applied to walls and ceilings of Leica's Milan store. Project and realization by Base Interiors. Photograpy: Alba Deangelis, courtesy of Leica

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MATTEOBRIONI and the New Leica Space in Milan

Milan, Italy – In Milan’s urban landscape, known as a hub of innovation and design, a new space dedicated to the Leica brand emerges, symbolizing excellence in the world of photography. This project, realized by Base Interiors in collaboration with MATTEOBRIONI, reflects the essence of a brand that has always been distinguished for its quality and prestige.
Base Interiors, with its extensive experience in retail, has successfully interpreted and adapted the original concept created by Studio Holzrausch, known for its innovative and customized design solutions. The adaptation to Italian spaces and regulations was carried out with an attention to detail, ensuring completion within the expected time and budget, to the full satisfaction of the client.

MATTEOBRIONI’s contribution to this Leica space is significant: the TerraVista Plus Smooth reinforced clay finish plaster, chosen in a bespoke color inspired by the classic Powder, adds a touch of elegance and naturalness. This choice not only reflects Leica’s attention to quality and aesthetics but also underscores MATTEOBRIONI’s commitment to innovation and sustainability.

Studio Holzrausch, with its creative vision, provided the foundation for an environment that expresses Leica’s values: precision, quality, and a passion for imaging. The interpretation of this concept by Base Interiors and the application of MATTEOBRIONI’s finishes have created a space that is not just a sales point but a meeting place for photography enthusiasts.
The opening of this Leica space in Milan represents a significant moment for MATTEOBRIONI, which proudly stands alongside an internationally prestigious brand like Leica. The collaboration between these brands highlights a shared commitment to excellence, quality, and innovation.
Photography: courtesy of Leica
For more details on the project:
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– Explore the concept by Studio Holzrausch

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