Dressing room in the Arcimboldi theatre, Milan

Teatro Arcimboldi dressing room by Galante + Menichini Architetti TerraTon Floor Smooth Panna on the floor, TerraTon Wall Smooth Panna on bathroom walls and ceiling, MultiTerra Pepe Nero CC 270621A on dressing room ceiling, TerraVista Wabi Liscio CC 140521

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Matteo Brioni’s natural clay finishes for a dressing room of Arcimboldi theatre in Milan by Galante + Menichini Architetti
Fine-grained clay plaster TerraVista Wabi Custom color applied on dressing room wall.
Mineral palster TerraTon Wall Smooth Panna (cream) color applied on bathroom walls and dressing room ceiling.
Mineral palster  TerraTon Floor Smooth Panna (crea) color on floors.
Coarse-grained clay finishing plaster MultiTerra Smooth Pepe Nero on bathroom celling.
Photos by Giulio Ghirardi and Luca Privitera

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