Fine-grained clay for the Lipari boutique in Palermo

Fine-grained clay finishing plaster TerraVista Smooth in Panna (cream) color applied to walls, ceilings and on the sculptural volume ‘The Egg’

Fine-grained clay finishing plaster TerraVista Smooth in Panna (cream) color applied to the walls and ceilings of Lipari eyewear boutique in Palermo, Sicily. Project by Vincenzo Pecoraro. Photography: Ignazio Marsolo

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Clay and Steel, Nature and Innovation: A Harmonious Union for the Design of Lipari Boutique in Palermo

In the vibrant heart of Palermo, Lipari eyewear boutique stands out as a significant example of design where the natural essence of clay blends with the modernity of steel, creating a unique sensory journey for each visitor. Thanks to the collaboration with Balistreri Studio, distributor of MATTEOBRIONI products, and the creativity of architect Vincenzo Pecoraro, the 85sqm space welcomes customers into an environment balanced between naturalness and technological innovation.
MATTEOBRIONI, a leader in the production of clay finishes, provided the fine-grain TerraVista Smooth plaster in Panna (cream) color, giving the space a warm welcome and a unique texture that beautifully contrasts with the coldness and brightness of the stainless steel used for display elements and furnishings. This choice of materials not only highlights the dichotomy between natural and artificial but also harmoniously balances warm and cold textures, creating an environment where natural light plays a crucial role, transforming the space into a living artwork that changes with the sunlight.
The central element of the project is undoubtedly ‘The Egg’, an imposing and fascinating sculpture capable of enhancing the intrinsic plastic qualities of clay, fully embodying the artistic and sensory journey of the space in which it is placed.
The long-standing collaboration between MATTEOBRIONI and Balistreri Studio has once again led to exceptional results, demonstrating a shared commitment to quality, sustainability, and innovation in the field of architecture and interior design.
Thus, Lipari becomes not only a reference point for those seeking excellence in the eyewear world but also a shining example of how traditional materials can be reinterpreted in a modern key to create welcoming, functional, and aesthetically captivating spaces.
– Designer: Arch. Vincenzo Pecoraro
– Location: Palermo (Italy)
– Client: Lipari @lipari.official
– Area: 85sqm
– MATTEOBRIONI Partner: Balistreri Studio @balistreri_studio
– Photography: Ignazio Marsolo @marsoloignz

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