Matteo Brioni headquarters in Gonzaga

Matteo Brioni headquarter showroom in Ganzaga, Mantua, by Giovanni Bergamaschi, photo by Matteo Brioni

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Interior of the Matteo Brioni headquarters in Gonzaga, Mantua, based on a general design by Giovanni Bergamaschi with brick walls designed by Lorenzo Carmassi.
Ground floor walls made with fine-grained clay plaster TerraVista Smooth Panna (cream color) and panels decorated with TerraEvoca 4 Layers bespoke Plus, in the colours Cammeo and Panna.
Ground floor floors realised with TerraFloor bespoke Wabi Panna clay and resin cladding.
First floor floors covered with TerraTon Floor bespoke Wabi mineral cladding, colour Pepe Nero (black pepper).
First floor walls covered with natural clay paint TerraSilk Smooth Pepe Nero.
Curtains treated with TerraCanvas bespoke multi-colour.
Photos by Giuseppe Gradella and Matteo Brioni

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