Coarse-grained clay finishes for Mollura MOHD showroom in Milan

Coarse-grained clay finishing wall plaster MultiTerra Smooth with different colour shades for MOHD Officina Milano, Mollura Home Design showroom space in Milan.

Matteo Brioni's coarse-grained clay finishing wall plaster MultiTerra Smooth for Mollura MOHD showroom in Milan. Project by Studio Pepe

About the project

MATTEOBRIONI’s signature design. A sensory journey between craftsmanship and passion for the material.

Starting a surprising dialogue between nature and architecture, Mohd inaugurates Officina Milano, the new exhibition space located in the capital of design, with an impactful visual installation conceived by Studiopepe : “Botanica Collettiva”. Diversity in nature is manifested through stunningly beautiful ecosystems. In collaboration with Studiopepe, the MATTEOBRIONI expresses the architecture experience through a breathtaking sensory journey. The walls interact in a refined interplay of volumes, expanding the aesthetic horizon of the project and building a continuous dialogue between the spaces.

Earth tones and natural finishes evoke intense tactile and visual perceptions, providing the interiors with harmonious expressiveness.

Mud, marc, cinnamon, powder, grey salt. MATTEOBRIONI crosses new tactile and perceptive dimensions by creating unique combinations of clays and inert materials. Innovation and craftsmanship merge into a new expressive language, thanks to chromatic qualities and finishes imbued with poetic dynamism.

Photos by Matteo Brioni

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