Natural clay plaster for Spazio Domal – Wicona Italia, Milan

Finishing clay plaster TerraVista Smooth Panna (cream color) applied to the walls of the showroom.

Natural clay plaster TerraVista Smooth Panna for the showroom Spazio Domal - Wicona Italia, Milan. Project by LasciaLaScia Architecture, Photography by courtesy of Hydro Building Systems Italy SpA

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About the project

The new Milanese showroom of Domal, a brand of the Hydro group, is an innovative space designed to explore the latest aluminum solutions for sustainable building construction, including windows, sliding doors, and continuous facades. This space is enriched by collaborations with partners such as WICONA, Axalta, Weese, Wuerth, offering an immersive experience that goes beyond simple exposition.

At the heart of this project, created by the Milanese creative studio Lascia la Scia, is the use of TerraVista Smooth by Matteo Brioni, a raw earth finishing plaster that covers the walls, giving a natural and enveloping atmosphere. The choice of these finishing materials reflects a commitment to creating sustainable and comfortable environments, where Domal’s products and those of its partners are harmoniously integrated into the showroom’s architecture.

The space is spread over two levels, with a ground floor dedicated to product exhibition, enhanced by a refreshment area and an office zone for technical insights. The basement hosts partner rooms and a flexible multimedia area, ideal for events and training.
The entrance features a nearly 14-meter exhibition tunnel that, using a white metallic mesh and natural elements, creates a dematerialization effect to highlight Domal products. These include the innovative SOLEAL Next, focusing on recyclability and sustainability, and panoramic sliding doors.
The showroom’s design also includes thematic spaces along the walls, with one side dedicated to the color and technique of the window frames (with the support of Axalta) and the other to the storytelling of aluminum, from bauxite to the finished product, highlighting the importance of circularity.
A section of continuous WICONA facade, a fully openable Weese glass wall, and a hidden coffee area are just some of the elements that define the spaces, creating welcoming areas for informal discussions or business meetings.
In the basement, the simple and functional furnishings of the partner rooms and the multifunctional central room demonstrate how the showroom is a meeting place between technology, design, and nature, with elements like stabilized greenery and Nemo Lighting illumination adding dynamism to the space.

This project not only highlights the innovation of Domal’s products and those of its partners but also underscores the importance of natural and sustainable materials, like those supplied by Matteo Brioni, in creating spaces that promote well-being and respect for the environment.

Door and window frames on show: SOLEAL Next 75 visible door | SOLEAL Next 75 concealed door | C160 Smartline XS | Artline | WICSLIDE 150 PS | SOLEAL Next 75 door | WICONA | WICLINE 75 Max | Weese | Weese Light
Photography by courtesy of Hydro Building Systems Italy SpA
Client: Hydro Building Systems Italy Spa
Design and creative direction: Lascia la Scia s.n.c.
Works direction: Federica Allievi
Building works and systems: Impresa Olla | Martesana impianti | Valsecchi impianti
Resin: Sika Resine
Joinery and carpentry works: Extravega Architectural Fabrications Benefit Corporation
Furniture: Pedrali s.p.a
Lighting: Nemolighting
Audio system: Hi Lite
Video system: TecnoVision
Stabilised green and greenery: CherryBlossom

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