Raw clay finishes for Trussardi Casa’s display at the Milan Furniture Fair 2022

Fine-grained clay plaster TerraVista Smooth, very coarse-grained clay finishing MultiTerra Structured, bespoke raw earth grooved-work decoration TerraEvoca, all applied to walls in a Panna (cream) color shade

Fine-grained clay plaster TerraVista Smooth Panna (cream) color applied to walls of Trussardi Casa display at Milan Furniture Fair. Design and photo by Luxury Living Group

About the project

Trussardi Casa has written an important chapter in its history this year by focusing on design and choosing the Salone del Mobile in Milan to exhibit its collection.

For the occasion, the vertical surfaces of the stand, created by Luxury Living Group, were covered with MATTEOBRIONI raw earth products, which alternated the fine-grained clay finishing plaster TerraVista Smooth and a more textured MultiTerra Structured with a bespoke TerraEvoca grooved decoration, all in Panna (cream) colour.
As a backdrop to the Trussardi Casa collection, as for the design of the exhibition space, also the result of the expertise and manufacturing excellence of Luxury Living Group, MATTEOBRIONI’s clays are revealed in the encounter between soft lines and geometric elements, between organic shapes and fast strokes.
Collection and raw earth finishes combine in a collective effect of elegance, as a symbol of modernity, permeated by a sophisticated and timeless style: sustainable and natural, material and sensual.
Photo courtesy of Luxury Living Group

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