Reinforced clay finishing plaster for a private residence in Munich

Reinforced clay finishing plaster TerraVista Plus Smooth in various colours applied to walls and ceilings

Reinforced clay finishing plaster TerraVista Plus Pepe Nero (black pepper) applied to walls and ceilings of a private house in Munich..Project by Tobias Petri, Holzrausch GmbHPhotography: Oliver Jaist

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The careful selection of natural materials characterises the entire villa, which its inhabitants wanted to become ‘a refuge in which to feel at peace with the world’. TerraVista Plus Smooth Panna (cream) and Pepe Nero (black pepper) reinforced clay finishing plaster, applied to the walls and ceilings, together with the use of Wachenzell dolomite and evaporated oak, allows the interior to retain a linear and minimalist appearance that emphasises the architecture of the building. The kitchen, to which particular value was placed, also follows this principle: a long block with a laminated stainless steel worktop dominates the interior.


Although the same materials are used throughout the house, each room takes on a particular character in accordance with its function and the requirements it has to meet. The play of light in the fitness and wellness area thanks to the adjustable slats, the mirrored cubes and the fabric wardrobes in the walk-in wardrobe are a demonstration of this and, with their special charm, always manage to create new, unexpected effects.


Project by Tobias Petri, Holzrausch GmbH

Photography: Oliver Jaist

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