The Elegance of Clay Finishes in Eleventy’s Milan Flagship

Reinforced clay finishing plaster TerraVista Plus Smooth Panna (cream) colour applied to walls

Reinforced clay finishing plaster TerraVista Plus Smooth Panna (cream) colour applied to the walls of Eleventy's Milan flagship store. Project by Parisotto+Formenton Photography: Pietro Savorelli

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Eleventy recently inaugurated its first flagship in the vibrant heart of Milan’s fashion quadrant, choosing a prestigious boutique located on Via della Spiga as its location. This new space extends over two floors within an elegant bourgeois dwelling, offering a unique blend of tradition and contemporaneity.

The project, masterfully handled by Parisotto + Formenton Architects, expresses refined and essential architecture, designed to emphasize the storytelling and core values of Eleventy. Through a coherent and distinctive architectural language, the spaces have been conceived to reflect and enhance the Milanese brand’s lifestyle, establishing a constant dialogue between space and visitor.

A standout feature in the boutique’s setup is the use of raw earth finishes supplied by MATTEOBRIONI, a choice that confirms the brand’s commitment to sustainable solutions and high aesthetic quality. The walls have been coated with the reinforced clay finish plaster TerraVista Plus, in the warm and welcoming Panna (cream) color. This material, chosen for its exceptional natural qualities and the ability to create a unique atmosphere, adds a tactile and visual dimension to the interiors, further enriching the visitor’s experience.

The decision to integrate raw earth finishes into the internal architecture of the Eleventy flagship is not only a testament to the regard for the environment and sustainability but also pays homage to Italian craftsmanship tradition, with a nod towards innovation and modernity. MATTEOBRIONI, with its TerraVista Plus, has helped define a space that is at once elegant, welcoming, and deeply rooted in the values of quality and authenticity that characterize the contemporary Italian architectural and design landscape.
Photography: Pietro Savorelli

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