Wabi-sabi clay plaster for Kalpa Art Living gallery in Volterra

Coarse-grained clay plaster MultiTerra Wabi Sale Grigio (gray salt color) and Polvere (dust color) plus our fine-grained clay finishing TerraVista Smooth Panna applied on walls in the Kalpa Art Living gallery in Volterra.

Project by Olga Niescier, photos by Simone Stanislai

Matteo Brioni's coarse-grained clay plaster MultiTerra Wabi Sale Grigio (gray salt color) applied on walls in the Kalpa Art Living Gallery of Volterra, project by Olga Niescier, photo by Simone Stanislai

About the project

Founded by multidisciplinary artist and designer Olga Niescier in 2019, KALPA Art Living art gallery is based in the breathtaking city of Volterra, Tuscany. The headquarters is located in Palazzo Bonomini in Via Porta all’Arco, a charming street connecting the Medieval main square to the famous Etruscan gate dating back to 4th century B.C., a must see for all art and history lovers.

Sophisticated and elegant atmosphere, sober and minimalistic furniture and warm neutral tones, KALPA’s main space is an in-progress project giving a platform for various arts in its time-hallowed rooms. Beginning with the restoration work of the ground floor in the spring of 2019, KALPA expands its exhibition space in 2022, unveiling the Palazzo’s beauty step by step and following criteria of recovery, preservation and valorisation of its historical value and original atmosphere.
In the process of uncovering and giving back beauty to ancient walls and interiors, KALPA collaborates with artisans and restoration experts, using natural materials and local stones, with the objective of melding function and beauty, modernity and history. Moreover, the Gallery strengthens its professional dialogue with our company, integrating our unique, sustainable and beautiful raw-clay products, which are ideally suited to the natural cladding of architectural surfaces in interiors.


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