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Matteo Brioni | Milano Design Week 2018
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At Milan Design Week the story told by Matteo Brioni’s , through the 14 clays from the 2018 collection, is one of constant research for different bespoke applications that can be seen in the course of a journey in which interior decoration meets its highest expression.

Following his substantial success with natural clay at the 2017 edition, Matteo Brioni – an architect engaged in continuous research for different uses of this eco-friendly material – returns to Milan Design Week. A multitude of installations currently enhance a range of locations in the Lombard capital: Space & Interiors, Agape 12, Bulthaup, Elmar, De Castelli, Paola C.

Space & Interiors_Careful research and selection of earths by Matteo Brioni will materialize during Milan Design Week 2018, taking on the form of The Tower of Earths and Stratigraphies, designed by Studio Irvine. This piece represents 14 different types of clay developed over 14 boxes, each containing a different solid form and 14 Stratigraphies visualizing the natural material for excellence: natural clay. Two-dimensional and three-dimensional volumes are employed to describe Brioni’s finishes that are to be touched and moved, trying different color combinations and effects.

Two new shades for the 2018 – 2019 collection on the theme of pink, with different origins and nuances: the Cipra surface was chosen from Cagliari earths while Cammeo was selected from quarries in Piedmont.

Agape12_The Capitelli collection (Preview) is also completely new, and likewise designed by Studio Irvine. Three volumes that become functional: small tables, centerpieces and small trays with forms that refer to architectural element of the past using a minimal language. The Capitelli (capitals) collection – developed over three orders: Ionic, Doric and Corinthian – are created from natural clay with a lightweight core that makes it easy to pick up the object and use it in a variety of different settings.

Bulthaup_Matteo Brioni’s natural clay is also featured in the bulthaup kitchens space, where they chose a location with historic architecture to display their latest 2018 products: Brera’s church of San Carpoforo. Here Matteo’s work has found its highest expression in the integration between the floor, in TerraTon Melograno and architecture of the space, in complete harmony with the existing terracotta floor.

In the Elmar kitchens space in Via Durini, Matteo’s natural clay reaches the maximum level of bespoke: Terra Evoca was shaped according to the requirements of the space and the furnishings. On the walls appear drawings with very defined geometries while the cabinet doors of the new model are covered with the classic Terra Evoca decorations.

Under the knowledgeable art direction of architect Marialaura Rossiello of Studio Irvine, who has guided Matteo Brioni’s expertise, the brand has become the benchmark for natural clay. “Matteo is the producer, supplier, the one who selects, and the one who applies, in a word: the architect of natural clay” – says the art director. “He consults, creates work teams, applies and baptizes new products and tailors them to each new project. Matteo is also synonymous with ecology, passion, and heart that speak through an ethical material, capable of adapting to any shape and aesthetic desire. The material that enters into a relationship with the person.” Ideal for continuous surfaces both horizontal and vertical, the earth sinuously conforms to any shape, molding to its support and creating tactile experiences that render the environments in which it is used unique.