Tridimensional Surface


design Studio Irvine

Natural clay modular system

Matteo Brioni recently launched a new, three-dimensional production line: Matteo Brioni al cubo. Finished products, to be chosen from a wide range of solutions. Arazzi is a system of clay plaster modular surfaces, inspired by a contemporary idea of modules and geometry. Although coated with natural clay these modules are actually wooden frames, on which the clay is ‘warped’ thanks to the manual expertise of Matteo Brioni’s applicators. Arazzi’s basic idea is that of a boiserie in the shape of a three-dimensional, mono-material clay wall ‘picture’: a series-manufactured unique piece offering endless scope for variation and uses.

ARAZZI | Photographed by: Nathalie Krag

Dimension Shapes
80×80 CM ARS80C
80×200 CM ARS200C ARS200S ARS200M ARS200Y ARS200X ARS200D
80×250 CM ARS250C ARS250S ARS250M ARS250Y ARS250X ARS250D
80×300 CM ARS300C ARS300S ARS300M ARS300Y ARS300X ARS300D