Horizontal Surface


Exit originates from the idea of combining rigid elements defined by a precise shape with an adaptable dough made of raw earth. This challenge led Studio Irvine to design a modular system that combines materials such as terra cotta, cork and wood with the tones of the clay.

Thanks to its peculiar shape, Exit can be laid in various settings, as the gaps are filled with clay to create a continuous surface.

For the first time, the filling material is protagonist as much as the rigid element.

The several possible configurations, the range of high quality materials to realize the Exit element, the earth colour palette of the clay, are all the ingredients that make Exit a highly customizable system. Exit is an innovative finishing, a project with a modular design and a natural texture.

The choice of material for the rigid element are: red, grey and yellow terracotta.
The colors available for the filling TerraTon depend exclusively on the natural color of the clays, they are not obtained by addition of any type of pigment.