Horizontal Surface


design Studio Irvine

A project that born under the artistic direction of architect Marialaura Rossiello of Studio Irvine. Is an innovative flooring design. With the theme of inclusion, that is to say, insert the rigid elements into the continuous surface of Matteo Brioni.

In line with TerraFrame project, FUGA resumes the classic design of the FUGA1 in the common pavement. Nevertheless, the effect is inverted, the FUGA becomes a rigid element while the tile is the fluid element. Sometimes the FUGA escapes2 to discover that in the reality there is no tile, but a continuous flooring. The material chosen is the natural copper that changes its appearance with the passage of time and of its use, just like the surface in the raw earth.

FUGA | Photographed by: Giulio Boem – fine art photography

1 In Italian, FUGA means escape (verb – fuggire), but also meaning the gap/space that presents between pavements.
2 Translated from original language, “la FUGA fugge (fuggire)” literally means the “escape” escapes.